Frequently Asked Questions - Program errors

If you don't receive any error messages (wrong password), you can get to work.

1. Check your login / password from the OPR.

2. Check the connection to the OPR website through a web browser. Administration OPR periodically asks users to read and Accept terms and conditions of website (you need to put a checkbox for all new accounts). This leads to the problem of connecting software.

3. Add OpenTool to the exception list ("white list") of your firewall / firewall. A simple disable these programs may not yield results, because OpenTool often remains without access to the Internet.

Also remember that you just might have a broken internet connection or the OPR server works with lags. Just try to connect later.

1. Make sure that the search is performed as described

2. Change the hotkey to search. Possible the hotkey is used by another program. Don't forget to restart the program after changing the hotkeys.

3. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package x32, x64

If you suddenly have problems, please follow one of the contacts

There is a problem when you not using OpenTool (for example, a break in the tournament) and at this moment the program can to lose connection to the website OPR.

To once again see the stats of players after searching, just click "Log in" the menu (tray)

In order to see the statistics in the HUD, need to load one of the templates

After that the statistics of HUD will match the data from the field "Edit Template".

If you dont see a list of templates, reinstall the program. You dont unpack the whole archive.