What stats are available in the program?

Currently available are the following stats: Won, Hands, BB, Vpip, Pfr, 3bet, FoldTo3bet, AF, WwSF, WSD, Wtsd, CbetFlop

Use mathematical expressions to get more stats.
For example:
Vpip-Pfr (this stat Vpip Pfr gap)
(Pfr/Vpip)*100 (stat Pfr/Vpip ratio)

BB in program does not mean Big Bet, and calculates the statistics that is used by default in selected the poker program.
Therefore for HM and HM2 BB means bb (big blind).
For PT 3 BB means BB (big bet).
In PT 4, for NL and PL games, BB means bb (big blind), for FL games, BB (big bet)

3bet - 3bet PF, 3bet preflop
FoldTo3bet - In PT3-PT4 stat called Fold to PF 3bet
AF - this is Total AF