A template statistics

A template statistics is configured in the settings, Template.

Save/Load template - loading the standard set of statistics, as well as saving your own template.

Available in the following statistics:
Main - [Prizes], [Profit], [ROI], [ABI], [AFS], [R/A], [ITM], [ITMCount], [ITMPercent]
Additional(table "MTT Avg. Finish Percentage") - [Early], [EM], [Mid], [ML], [Late]
TOP 5 - [Top5-1], [Top5-2], [Top5-3], [Top5-3], [Top5-4], [Top5-5]
Rating (per years) - [Rating120], [Rating2012], [Rating2011], [Rating2010], [Rating2009], [Rating2008], [Rating2007]
Date - [Date]

Changing the color or font size of text in the HUD:
<Italic FontWeight="Bold">example1</Italic>
<Bold FontSize="12">example2</Bold>
<Underline Background="DarkGreen">example3</Underline>
<Span Foreground="#ff0000">example4</Span>

A set of statistics is changed by simply removing it from the template. Values ​​outside [] is a description, which will be displayed in HUD.

For example, Default template:
Profit [Profit] Prizes [Prizes]
R/A [R/A] ITM [ITM] / [ITMCount] ([ITMPercent])
Early [Early] EM [EM]

By changing it, we change our HUD.
Net Profit [Profit] Prizes Won [Prizes]
ROI [ROI] Average Buy-In [ABI] Average Field Size [AFS]
In the money [ITM] / [ITMCount] ([ITMPercent])

If we need more accurate statistics on the categories of "field size" (11-45, 46-180, 180 -), then simply change the value in [ ], adding correct number.

[Profit46] - The program displays the data on profit when playing in tournaments from 46 to 180 people

[Prizes11] - The program displays the data on prizes when playing in tournaments from 11 to 45 people

[ROI181] - The program displays the data on ROI when playing in tournaments of 180 people or more.

[ABI] - The program displays general information on the ABI for all tournaments played, regardless of field size.