Setting up the program. The tab "Settings, Coloring"

In this section, you can configure additional options.

Make backup - when ON, creates a backup file of notes.

Calculate players count - when ON, program will be able to show the line of progress for color coding.

Ignore nicknames - nicknames, introduced in this field (click the mouse on a line) will not be processed. It is used to avoid creating a color label on yourself (enter your nickname in the poker room).

Replace colors - list of colors that a program will be replaced, when enabled Replace notes.
By default, the program replaces all the colors. OFF near selected the color excludes
from the list of processing, thereby not changing its in your file.

For example. We have a file, in which we use the color Blue for every regular player. And we don't want, that the program repainted these players.
Therefore, in this list we find the desired label color (Blue) and set the switch to OFF.