Setting up the program. The tab "Coloring, Advanced"

This option is responsible for filtering the database.
You must configure connection to the database

Game type - the limit\stake list. When selected "All", program will be used all the available limits on the database.

Having hands more than - minimum number of hands to be a player to process it in the program.
This means that the value of 50, all the players, whose number of hands in the database is less than 50 are automatically discarded and not processed.

Cash hands more than, Tourney hands more than - similar filters, only for cash games and tournaments.
It supports only for programs Holdem Manager and Holdem Manager 2

The button Check players amount displays the number of players, considering all filters.

Replace notes - When set to ON, the program will overwrite any existing color labels. When set to OFF, the color labels will not be changed for the existing players , but will continue to be create for all the unknown players.

Also in the program have the option to replace only the selected color. The tab Settings-Coloring. Read more