Frequently Asked Questions - The program settings

1. Setting up account information.

Please enter email and password from

2. Setting up hotkey and stats template.

In column Key setting up hotkey. In column Action select action for this hotkey (search players, copy stats)

Open in browser - Open in browser page on OPR
Show statistics for one player - Search one player
Show statistics for all players - Search all players on table
Show statistics for player and copy - Search one player and copy stats in clipboard after search
Copy player statistics - Copy stats in clipboard
Hide all popups - Close all HUD's on table
Open in PokerProLabs - Open in browser page on PokerProlabs

After clicking on Template you can configure template

A set of statistics is changed by simply removing it from the template. Values ​​outside [] is a description, which will be displayed in HUD.
You can add stat from list, click on "Click here for insert stat".
Copy stats you can configure same that main template.

3. Setting up the preffered seats

Nickname - Nickname in PokerRoom. Type with case sensitive.

Prefered seats - Preffered seats. Configure manually by clicking Configure (or get from user.ini\user.pref)
Hand history directory - HH folder path. For example D:\Programs\PartyGaming\PartyPoker\HandHistory\MyNickname

4. Advanced settings

Calculate statistics (Profit, ROI, ABI) - Calculating closed stats. In the filter, you can choose whether the stats are calculated for all tournaments, or only МТТ, or only МТСНГ 46-180 etc (select same that using in stats template)

Period - Filter by date.

Game type - All tournaments, only NL, omaha etc


Minimize popups - show only nickname. Over mouse on hud will show stats



On click - action that will be taken by clicking on HUD.
Do nothing, Close (close HUD), Open OPR (open OPR page in browser), Open graph (open graph from prolabs in browser), Copy (copy stats).

TopSharkPro graph - graph from PokerProLabs.

Automatically hide empty - Hide HUD if no stats.

Show myself - Show hud on yourself


HUD style. Select from list.

The program supports the saving of HUD positions.

To do this:

1. Run a full player search(F6)

2. Change the position of HUD with your mouse

3. Select "Remember Position" from dropdown menu

4. Repeat points 2,3 for each HUD

Before use it, you must configure preferred seat on PokerStars.

Saving the positions for "single player search" is not supported. HUD will always appear next to your mouse when you click.

A template statistics is configured in the settings, Template.

Save/Load template - loading the standard set of statistics, as well as saving your own template.

Available in the following statistics:
Main - [Prizes], [Profit], [ROI], [ABI], [AFS], [R/A], [ITM], [ITMCount], [ITMPercent]
Additional(table "MTT Avg. Finish Percentage") - [Early], [EM], [Mid], [ML], [Late]
TOP 5 - [Top5-1], [Top5-2], [Top5-3], [Top5-3], [Top5-4], [Top5-5]
Rating (per years) - [Rating120], [Rating2012], [Rating2011], [Rating2010], [Rating2009], [Rating2008], [Rating2007]
Date - [Date]

Changing the color or font size of text in the HUD:
<Italic FontWeight="Bold">example1</Italic>
<Bold FontSize="12">example2</Bold>
<Underline Background="DarkGreen">example3</Underline>
<Span Foreground="#ff0000">example4</Span>

A set of statistics is changed by simply removing it from the template. Values ​​outside [] is a description, which will be displayed in HUD.

For example, Default template:
Profit [Profit] Prizes [Prizes]
R/A [R/A] ITM [ITM] / [ITMCount] ([ITMPercent])
Early [Early] EM [EM]

By changing it, we change our HUD.
Net Profit [Profit] Prizes Won [Prizes]
ROI [ROI] Average Buy-In [ABI] Average Field Size [AFS]
In the money [ITM] / [ITMCount] ([ITMPercent])

If we need more accurate statistics on the categories of "field size" (11-45, 46-180, 180 -), then simply change the value in [ ], adding correct number.

[Profit46] - The program displays the data on profit when playing in tournaments from 46 to 180 people

[Prizes11] - The program displays the data on prizes when playing in tournaments from 11 to 45 people

[ROI181] - The program displays the data on ROI when playing in tournaments of 180 people or more.

[ABI] - The program displays general information on the ABI for all tournaments played, regardless of field size.