Frequently Asked Questions - The program settings

This tab is responsible for program selection (database), as well as your poker room.

The "Start" button starts the process of color coding.
It is important to adjust the program before pressing a button.

This option is responsible for filtering the database.
You must configure connection to the database

Game type - the limit\stake list. When selected "All", program will be used all the available limits on the database.

Having hands more than - minimum number of hands to be a player to process it in the program.
This means that the value of 50, all the players, whose number of hands in the database is less than 50 are automatically discarded and not processed.

Cash hands more than, Tourney hands more than - similar filters, only for cash games and tournaments.
It supports only for programs Holdem Manager and Holdem Manager 2

The button Check players amount displays the number of players, considering all filters.

Replace notes - When set to ON, the program will overwrite any existing color labels. When set to OFF, the color labels will not be changed for the existing players , but will continue to be create for all the unknown players.

Also in the program have the option to replace only the selected color. The tab Settings-Coloring. Read more

In this section you need to configure the path to the notes file.

The button Autosearch helps to automatically find and fill in all fields.

The button Browse on the right of each line helps to select the path to the file manually.

In this section we carry out the setting to connect to the database. And well as can select the database, which will be used.

The recommended way to configure this tab will be use the button Autosearch.

The button Autosearch helps to find and automatically fill all fields, including the login\password from PostgreSQL.

The button Select allows you to manually select the database for each of the supported software.

The button Check Connection check data, that typed for the connection to the database PostgreSQL. (Server, Port, Login, Password)

"Settings, Rules" is responsible for setting rules for color coding.

In the colors column you can choose a value for each of the supported poker rooms: PokerStars, Party Poker, Ongame Network

With the buttons on the right you can change the position of rules and the priority, as well as remove it.

The button "Add New" is responsible for adding new rules to the list of those available.

List of available statistics.: Won, Hands, BB, Vpip, Pfr, 3bet, FoldTo3bet, AF, WwSF, WSD, Wtsd, CbetFlop
Operators: And, Or. Also, all the standard>,> =, <, <=, (,)

All the conditions must be written and edited by hand (to get started, just click on the rule).
This allows you to create complex rules using mathematical expressions (+, -, *, /), that in turn gives access to additional statistics.

Additional statistics: Vpip-Pfr, (Pfr / Vpip) * 100
Vpip-Pfr - "Vpip-pfr gap".
(Pfr / Vpip) * 100 - "Pfr / Vpip ratio".

Also created a system to check for syntax errors.

The green color indicates that all values ​​are entered correctly.
The red color indicates that some value are entered wrong. Hover mouse on rule with error to see tooltip.

Also, when you set the rules, it is important to keep in mind the priority. The rules at the bottom have more priority than the rules above.

To make it easier to understand, let's consider an example.

We have created a simple rules

And we have an opponent with Vpip 50 and Hands 150.

We see that the opponent fits both conditions (Vpip> 40, Hands> 100).
But because the condition "Hands>100" below, it has the highest priority and, therefore, the opponent first gets red (vpip>40) and then gets the green(hands>100). And in the end in the file will be added the green color for this opp, because the rule "Hands>100" is below all.

If you swap the position of rules, this opponent will have the color red in file, unnecessarily we changed the priority.

In this section, you can configure additional options.

Make backup - when ON, creates a backup file of notes.

Calculate players count - when ON, program will be able to show the line of progress for color coding.

Ignore nicknames - nicknames, introduced in this field (click the mouse on a line) will not be processed. It is used to avoid creating a color label on yourself (enter your nickname in the poker room).

Replace colors - list of colors that a program will be replaced, when enabled Replace notes.
By default, the program replaces all the colors. OFF near selected the color excludes
from the list of processing, thereby not changing its in your file.

For example. We have a file, in which we use the color Blue for every regular player. And we don't want, that the program repainted these players.
Therefore, in this list we find the desired label color (Blue) and set the switch to OFF.

The tab is responsible for managing the files of backup.

Restore - Restores the selected file copy.

Delete - Deletes the selected file copy.

Delete all - Deletes all copies of the files.

It works when enable Make backup in the tab Settings-Coloring.

1. Increase the timeout value in the file ColoringTool.config
< Timeout >3< /Timeout>
< CommandTimeout >600< /CommandTimeout>
From 3 to 30 and from 600 to 6000. (close program before edit this)

Then check again.

If 1. doesn't help
2. Also it is necessary to optimize Postgre.
Follow this guide and increase available memory for Postgre
Restart PC after that.